Construction Cleaning

Service detail.-

Exterior Cleanup

• Wash exterior windows and spaces.

• Remove paint, silicone and sticker remains.

• Sweep and dust entries, doorways and balconies.

• Dust exterior lights. 

The touch-up cleaning

The touch-up cleaning is completed after the final and before orafter the punch list is generated. If it is completed prior to thepunch it is to affect the overall length of the list. If it iscompleted after the punch it is mostly likely to clean-up afterthe subcontractors have done their "re-dos" and to satisfy thenew owner handing them a ready-to-use building/home.

Not all projects require a touch-up as we do our best to bringthe project to a salable finish when we are doing the final clean.

Should there be a need for a touch-up clean, this will preparethe unit for owner acceptance and occupant move-in.

• Clean, shine, dust and/or vacuum to provide a salable unit

• Touch-up and polish all cabinets, vanities and other stained

woodwork, all stainless steel sinks

Touch-up cleanings will be performed as many times asnecessary until the unit sells and will be performed at the samerate initially discussed during the contract process. If there wasno previous agreement, arrangements will be made prior tocleaning.

Rough Cleaning

• Clean baseboards, door and window frames, and floor

corners. Clean door faces, sides and tops.

• Remove trash, dirt and small debris from inside the unit

and dispose of in accordance with the Contractor's trash


• Clean all bathtubs, toilets, sinks, sinks and appliances.

• Remove each and every one of the temporary

protections and labels that should not remain

• Clean inside and out all kitchen cabinets and vanity

cabinets, as well as countertops

• Scrape and wash the interior surfaces of all sliding glass

windows and doors.

• Clean all windows and sliding glass door frames,

thresholds and rails

• Clean all utility cabinets, oven cabinets, storage areas,

garages, etc.

• Dust the air conditioning rooms. Clean the laundry

rooms, clean behind the washing and drying machines.

• Sweep, mop and prep floor underlayments for carpet

and tile application.

Final Cleaning Scope Overview by Room


• All outer surfaces washed and wiped down
• Sink scoured and shined
• All cabinets, drawers, refrigerator, oven, microwave (if applicable) and dishwasher will be wiped out inside and out 
• Drawers will be removed from cabinets to get any excess debris/dirt, etc. from under drawer if on floor level
• Refrigerator and stove will be moved to allow for cleaning under and behind each appliance
• Floors - All Rooms
• All floors will be cleaned
• Linoleum or tile floors will be scrubbed with a degreaser/detergent to remove any and all dirt and grime
• Hardwood floors will be cleaned and shined with Bono
Carpets will be vacuumed thoroughly
• All bathroom areas will be cleaned including all fixtures, inside all cabinets and drawers, showers/tubs, sinks and toilets
•  All mirrors will be cleaned and shined
• Dusting - All Rooms
• All ceilings/walls, ceiling fans will be cleaned including
globes/light fixtures, blinds, window sills/ledges,
baseboards, and inside closets
• Outside Areas
• Front and Back Porch/patio floors will be swept and
mopped if applicable
• Will also power wash patio/porch area if
necessary (additional fee applies for power
• Storage room/area will be cleaned including floor
• Laundry Areas
• Washers and dryers (if applicable) will be wiped down inside and out
• Both will be moved to allow for cleaning under and behind
• Windows
• Inside and outside of all windows will be cleaned regardless
• Remove labels if necessary

Home Cleaning

Service detail.-

Bathroom shower, bathtub, faucets, mirrors, tubs, tiles, toilet, tiles and vanities.

Clean the baseboards.

Bedrooms: Mirrors, tables, night stands, change sheets, straighten beds.

Dust cleaning and Vacuuming

Floor and carpet sweeping and scrubbing.


Window frames and glasses.

Cleaning of surfaces.

Take out the trash.

Cleaning of Washbasins and Kitchen countertops Kitchen appliances, Stove, Refrigerator, Microwave, Cabinets.

Closet Organization

Move In / Move Out Cleaning

Drop off - pick up Cleaning Service

Service detail.-

Cleaning services per hour. The staff heads to the workplace in the Company's means of transport.

Vacation Cleaning

Service detail.-

House Monthly Maintenance

Service detail.-

  • Preparation of Residence for Client Arrival and Departure
  • Check that all doors and windows are properly secure
  • Check phone lines and Internet
  • Inspect all rooms and grounds of property
  • Visual inspection for signs of mold and mildew
  • Inspect plumbing and electrical systems
  • Start all vehicles
  • Check for visible water leaks in home
  • Monitor fans and air exhaust devices
  • Visually check AC units for leaks, proper working condition and change AC filters
  • Identify areas in need of attention, suggest repairs and preventive maintenance
  • Visual inspections for signs of insects and rodents
  • Water interior plants
  • Check all appliances are in good working order
  • Run dishwasher - Monthly
  • Run garbage disposal - Monthly
  • Check hot water systems
  • Run water in sinks, showers and flush all toilets
  • Replace light bulbs when necessary
  • Control and change batteries in smoke detectors when necessary
  • Verify proper functionality of home entertainment system, indoors and outdoors
  • Check alarm system to make sure it is armed and house is secured
  • Coordinating a house cleaning when necessary
  • Coordinating and supervising landscaping, pest control and swimming pool services
  • Check and change the outdoor lights when necessary
  • Empty the mailbox and forward the mail within the US